Sunday, May 4, 2014

Leipzig Orbats #14 The French Reserve Cavalry Corps

The French Reserve Cavalry Corps
General de Division Arrighi

     3rd Light Cavalry Division GdD Lorge
                      12th Light Cavalry Brigade  Col. Shea
                                        5th Chassuers a Cheval
                                        10th Chassuers a Cheval

                      13th Light Cavalry Brigade GdB Merlin
                                        15th Chassuers a Cheval                   
                                        22nd Chassuers a Cheval

     6th Light Cavalry Division GdD Founier
                     14th Light Cavalry Brigade Gdb Mouriez
                                       29th Chassuers a Cheval

                     15th Light Cavalry Brigade GdB Amiel
                                       2nd Hussar Regiment
                                       12th Hussar Regiment

     4th Heavy Cavalry Division GdD DeFrance
                       1st Heavy Cavalry Brigade GdB Axamitowski
                                         4th Dragoon Regiment
                                         5th Dragoon Regiment

                        2nd Heavy Cavalry Brigade GdB Quinette
                                           16th Dragoon Regiment
                                           26th Dragoon Regiment

    Corps Artillery  Col. Chauvain    3 x Light French Horse Artillery batteries

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