Monday, May 12, 2014

Rootin Tootin Putin, this is going to be a LOT of Shootin!

Time for the Big guns in all meanings of the word.  Here are the Russians.  Considering what they went through the year before this many troops in the field still is staggering.  Perhaps certain modern governments should pay attention? 

Establishing Russian "norms" is difficult as the units are all over the place for strengths.  That said, naturally I did it anyway.  Russian Infantry Battalions are considered 8 figures unless otherwise noted (there are a lot of 12's), Russian Cavalry Regiments are 12 figures unless otherwise noted (there are both 8's and 16's),  Russian Cossack Putz are always 8 figures, Russian Artillery Batteries are 3 stands unless otherwise noted (there are some 2's). 

"Shall we Begin?"

Guard Infantry  9 Battalions  (all but one are 12 figures)
Guard Grenadiers  4 Battalions (all are 12 figures)
Guard Jagers   1 Battalion (12 figures)
Grenadiers  18 Battalions (all are 12 figures)
Line Infantry  62 Battalions    I have 5 of these
Line Infantry 34 Battalions (all this second entry are 12 figures per)
Jagers  31 battalions   I have 2 of these
Jagers  10 Battalions  (all this second entry are 12 figures per)
Oplochenie  2 Battalions

Guard Cuirass  4 Regiments  (all are 8 figures)
Guard Hussar  1 Regiment 
Guard Dragoons  1 Regiment (8 figures)
Guard Uhlans  1 Regiment 
Guard Cossacks 1 Regiment  {(8 figures) I know I said that a Cossack unit is called a 'Putz', but this is different, they are just rich brats dressed like Cossacks}
Cuirass  8 Regiments  (four are 8 figures)
Dragoons 12 Regiments  (eleven are 8 figures, one is 16 figures)  I have three of the 8's
Uhlans  8 Regiments  (two are 16 figures, two are 8 figures)  I have one of the 16's
Hussars  13 Regiments  (three are 16 figures, three are 8 figures)
Chasseurs  5 Regiments  (three are 8 figures)     I have 1 of the 8's
Cossacks  52 Putz  ( eight figures per, That Ladies and Gentlemen is 416 painted Cavalry figures)
         If we accept my Turks as cossacks then I can field 16 of these. 

26 Heavy Foot Batteries (three are Guard, one is undersized with only two stands)
20 Medium Foot Batteries  (two are Guard)  
14 Light Horse batteries  (two are undersized with only two stands each) 
7 Medium Horse Batteries (two are guard, and two are undersized with only two stands each)
That my friends is 196 painted canons, plus crew. 

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