Monday, May 12, 2014


Anton has foolishly allowed me posting permission on his blog (mostly because he does not want to have to type up the Coalition Orbats), let the carnival begin! 

The actual corps and armies will follow, the point here is for all you "No Problems, we got it all" types to step up and claim EXACTLY what they have.  To whit, the French have been up for weeks and no one but Anton has listed their holdings.  To insure that this farce can continue, please feel free to sign up for what you have under any master list, we can sort out what goes in which army later. 

A quick note on artillery for ALL armies.  Light batteries are 2 figures per stand, medium batteries are 3 figures per stand, heavy batteries are 4 figures per stand. 

Herewith the Swedes (somebody poke Hankins to make sure we have these)
all infantry battalions are 12 figures, all cavalry regiments are 8 figures, all artillery batteries are 2 stands. 

Guard Infantry 2 Battalions
Guard Grenadier  3 Battalions
Line Infantry 18 Battalions
Jager   1 Battalion

Hussar  2 Regiments
Guard Dragoon  1 Regiment
Guard Cuirass  1 Regiment
Cossacks  1 Putz  (Yes, the Swedes, as well as the Danes, had their own Cossack units and the correct term for a Cossack unit is a Putz)

5 Medium Foot batteries
1 Heavy foot battery
2 Medium Horse batteries
1 BRITISH ROCKET BATTERY  (they were here and brigaded with the Swedes)

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