Monday, May 12, 2014

Der Prussians are coming!

Waltzing into this I presumed that the Prussians would be larger than the Austrians, but that proved totally wrong.  Since I am posting these in order of participation, here comes Blucher and his 'elephants'. 

All infantry Battalions are 12 figures, all cavalry Regiments unless otherwise noted are 8 figures, all artillery are two stands. 

Garde Infantry (includes fusileers)   4 Battalions        Missing all 4
Garde Jagers     3 Battalions   I have 1 of these       Missing 2
Grenadiers   6 Battalions     John and Loups have 6 of these      
Jagers    4 Battalions        John and Loups have 6 of these        
Line Infantry   24 Battalions     John and Loups have  42 of these      
Reserve Infantry  22 Battalions  John Loups and I have 43      
Landwehr Infantry 37 Battalions   John and Loups have 55
****  NOTE it must be clear which of these is which as they are very different stuff  ****

Garde du Corps  1 Regiment       More Kurassier, I will get them
Garde Light Cavalry   2 Regiments        One is Dragoons (12 figs) the other is Hussar
Landwehr Cavalry 15 Regiments   John Mike and I have 12 of these  Missing 3
Kuirass   3 Regiments     I have 1     Missing 2 but I will get them
Dragoons  6 Regiments   John Loups and I have 11 of these   
Uhlans    3 Regiments    I have 1    Missing 2
Chevaulegere  1 Regiment   This is more Uhlans
Hussars   6 Regiments    John Loups and I have 8 of these   

8 Heavy foot Batteries     Loups has 4     Missing four
18 Medium foot batteries    John Loups and I have 24 of these
1 Medium Garde foot Battery      See above
9 Light Horse Gun Batteries   Loups and I have 13
2 Medium Horse gun batteries    See above
1 Garde Medium Horse Gun Battery    See above
2 Light Foot gun Batteries   See Horse Guns
1 Howitzer Battery    See Horse Guns

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