Monday, May 5, 2014

Note on the Leipzig Orbats

Below you will find the orders of battle that I am working on for the upcoming monster game of Leipzig which is tentatively scheduled for the 5th and/or 6th of July 2014 in Sterling Hgts MI.

Some things to keep in mind when looking at them are;

1. I have averaged the strength of the formations to bring the units (infantry battalion/ cavalry regiment) shown in the Orbat into ;line with our standard sized units in the rules.  This has led to some brigades having fewer battalions on the roster than the actual Orbat would show but I cannot see a way to keep track of casualties if all the units have different starting strengths.

2. Therefore it is assumes that all French (and most of their allied) foot formations are twelve figures, while the cavalry regiments are eight.

3. Austrians foot units are organized around basic foot battalion of eighteen figures and cavalry are in units of twelve.

4. Prussian and Swedish units are organized like the French.

5. Russian units are based on a standard foot strength of eight figures and cavalry at eight figures

6. Special exceptions are notes in the lists; see the over strength size of some French Guard battalions/regiments .

7. I am a lazy typist so I contracted the ranking of the French Generals "GdD" is General de Division, "GdB" is General de Brigade, I will add to this as I get to the other nations.

Please do not hesitate to provide corrections if I have made any glaring errors, do please provide sources for your information. Some units may have disappeared from the roster because their strength was averaged into another unit to provide the abovementioned round unit sizes, I apologize in advance if your favorite regiment has gone missing.


  1. In an effort to be of some assistance since Anton is busy dancing and trying to make of Nafzinger numbers I have offered to periodically make running totals of what this mess looks like over all. So here we go.

    Old Guard
    4 Battalions of Chasseur a Pied
    4 Battalions of Grenadier a Pied
    2 Battalions of Fusilier
    1 each battalion of italian, Polish and Saxon grenadier guard
    5 Heavy Foot Batteries
    2 Medium Foot batteries
    4 Medium Horse batteries

    Young Guard
    15 battalions of Voltiguers
    4 battalions of Voltiguers and Tirailliers
    12 Battalions of Tirailliers
    4 Battalions of Sappers and Pioneers
    14 medium Foot Batteries
    2 medium Horse Batteries
    1 Light Horse battery (Berg?)

    Young Guard Cavalry
    Berg, Dutch , and Polish lancers
    Empress Dragoons
    Chasseur a Cheval
    Grenadier a Cheval

    Old Guard Cavalry
    Polish Lancers (yes Elsa there were two of them)
    1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Garde d Honor
    Chasseur a Cheval (Again the inventiveness of Napoleon at naming things astounds)
    Grenadier a Cheval (Really!)
    Empress Dragoons (Well, it makes sense to have an 'old' one and a 'young' one here)

    And that will be all!

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  3. Here are the final totals for "force du frappe"

    The Guard is "le Garde" as detailed above.

    INFANTRY All Battalions 12 figures unless otherwise noted
    French Line 84 Battalions
    French Legere 40 Battalions
    French Marines 11 Battalions
    French Provisional 8 Battalions, one of which is "Marche" (What is this crap?)
    Polish Line 8 Battalions
    Polish Vistula Legion 2 Battalions
    Italian Guard 1 Battalion
    Italian Legere 3 Battalions
    Italian Line 4 Battalions
    Baden Line 6 Battalions
    Baden Jagers 1 Battalion
    Saxon Grenadier 2 battalions
    Saxon Light 2 Battalions
    Saxon Line 2 Battalions
    Hessian Guard 4 Battalions
    Westphalian Line 2 Battalions
    Erfurt Line 2 Battalions
    Wurtemburg Line 1 Battalion
    Wurtemburg Legere 1 Battalion
    Neapolitan Elite 1 Battalion (Interesting term)
    Neapolitan light 1 Battalion (Note not 'Elite')
    Illyrian Line 1 Battalion (18 figures)
    Wurzburg Line 1 Battalion

    ARTILLERY All batteries two guns and 8 (heavy), 6 (medium), or 4 (horse) figures.
    French Heavy 7 Batteries
    French Medium 39 Batteries
    French Horse 22 batteries (all Light)
    Saxon Heavy 1 Battery
    Saxon Medium 1 battery
    Saxon Horse 5 Batteries (light)
    Polish Medium 5 Batteries
    Polish Horse 5 Batteries (light)
    Italian Medium 2 Batteries
    Italian Horse 1 Battery (light)
    Baden Medium 2 Batteries
    Westphalian Medium 2 Batteries
    Neapolitan Medium 1 Battery (Still not Elite)
    Hessian Medium 1 Battery (Darmstadt I believe in case it matters)

    CAVALRY All regiments 8 figures unless otherwise noted.
    French Chasseur 23 Regiments
    French Hussar 11 Regiments
    French Lancers 5 Regiments
    French Cuirass 7 Regiments
    French Carbinier 2 Regiments
    French Dragoons 16 Regiments
    French Provisional 4 Regiments (I just can not make up my mind)
    Polish Cuirass 1 Regiment
    Polish Krakus 1 Regiment (thank goodness, we would not want to get that confused)
    Polish Chasseurs 2 Regiments (one over sized)
    Polish Uhlans 4 Regiments
    Wurtemburg Chevaux-Legere 4 Regiments
    Saxon Cuirass 2 Regiments
    Saxon Uhlan 1 Regiment
    Saxon Hussar 1 Regiment
    Italian Chasseur 2 Regiments
    Italian Dragoons 1 Regiment
    Neapolitan Chasseurs 1 Regiment (absoluetly not 'Elite'!)
    Baden Dragoon 1 Regiment
    Hessian Chevaux-Legere 1 Regiment

    So, now all you Frog-o-philes can figure out if these are to hand.