Sunday, May 4, 2014

Leipzig Orbats #16 The French V Cavalry Corps

The French V Cavalry Corps General de Division Pajol

     9th Light Cavalry Division  GdD Pire
                     32nd Light Cavalry Brigade GdB  Klicki
                                        3rd Hussar Regiment
                                        27th Chassuer a Cheval Regiment

                    33nd Light Cavalry Brigade GdB Vial
                                       14th Chassuer a Cheval Regiment
                                        26th Chassuer a Cheval Regiment

     5th Heavy Cavalry Division GdD l'Heritier
                      1st Heavy Cavalry Brigade GdB Quenot
                                        2nd Dragoon Regiment
                                        6th Dragoon Regiment

                      2nd Heavy Cavalry Brigade GdB Collaert
                                         13th  Dragoon Regiment
                                         15th  Dragoon Regiment

     6th Heavy Cavalry Division GdD Milhaud
                       3rd Heavy Cavalry Brigade GdB LaMotte
                                         18th Dragoon Regiment
                                         19th Dragoon Regiment

                       4th Heavy Cavalry Brigade GdB Montelegier
                                         22nd Dragoon Regiment
                                         25th Dragoon Regiment

                      Artillery  light French Horse Artillery Battery

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