Monday, May 12, 2014

Frog Garde du Crappe

All Guard Infantry are 20 figures (I recall them being 16, but anyway) per Battalion.  All Artillery is 2 stands per Battery.  All Guard Cavalry is 8 figures per Regiment except those marked with a '*' which are 16 figures. 

Old Guard
4 Battalions of Chasseur a Pied
4 Battalions of Grenadier a Pied
2 Battalions of Fusilier
1 each battalion of Italian, Polish and Saxon grenadier guard   I have the Iti's  Gary V has poles
5 Heavy Foot Batteries
2 Medium Foot batteries
4 Medium Horse batteries

Young Guard
15 battalions of Voltiguers
4 battalions of Voltiguers and Tirailliers
12 Battalions of Tirailliers
4 Battalions of Sappers and Pioneers
14 medium Foot Batteries
2 medium Horse Batteries
1 Light Horse battery (Berg?)

Young Guard Cavalry
Berg, Dutch*, and Polish lancers  Gary V says he has Poles
Empress Dragoons
Chasseur a Cheval*
Grenadier a Cheval

Old Guard Cavalry
Polish Lancers (yes Elsa there were two of them)*  Gary V says he has Poles
1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th Garde d Honor
Chasseur a Cheval (Again the inventiveness of Napoleon at naming things astounds)
Grenadier a Cheval (Really!)*
Empress Dragoons (Well, it makes sense to have an 'old' one and a 'young' one here)*

And that will be all!

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  1. French Guard
    36 stands of 4 figures per Old Guard = I full and 1 under size battalion,
    48 stand of 4 figures per Young Guard 2 full and very small battatlion

    I have more old guard on the paint table. I think 48 figures