Monday, June 2, 2014

Change of Venue and other thoughts

Tom from Texas has moved back to Michigan and bought a lovely (and large) new house in Bingham Farms, he has enough space there to host the game on the giant tables that he brought back from San Antonio. As of now the dates remain the same 5 and 6 JUL14.

We have decided to fight the 16th of October 1813 as this was the point where the French has a chance of bringing it off. If we were to start on any of the later days it would be a done-deal and the only French victory would be in getting more troops away safely than Napoleon did.

The tables will be broken down into three "fronts". The largest one, the southern front, will stretch from Kleinposna to Connewitz. The western front will have its center on the critical village of Lindenau. The northern front will stretch from Neutzsch to Mockern.

The Allies need to take and hold the villages controlling the exits from Leipzig; Connewitz, Lindenau and Mockern. If they can control these they can force the French to move eastward, away from their reinforcements and depots. Conversely, failure will leave the French an escape route if they do not break an Allied army.

The French need to destroy one (or both) of the Prussian-led northern and western armies, or defeat and drive off the Army of Bohemia (which contains the HQs of all three opposing monarchs).

I will be working up maps of the proposed table layouts in the next few days.

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