Saturday, June 7, 2014

More Russians in Silesia

 Langeron's Corps, he leads the attack on the 16th, therefore he is there. 

Army Corps General of Infantry Langeron
                    All Infantry Battalions are 8 figures, as are all Cavalry Regiments.
     Advance Guard  LtGeneral Rudsevich
          Cavalry Corps  LtGeneral Korff  3 Dragoon Regiments, 1 Chasseur regiment, 4 Cossack Putz
     9th Division  MajGeneral Udom II
          Brigade  Col Poltaratzky   3 Line Battalions
          Brigade  MajGeneral Juskov II  2 Line Battalions
          Brigade  col Grimbladt   2 Jager Battalions
Artillery:  1 Heavy battery, 1 Horse Battery

9th Corps  LtGeneral Olsoviev
     15th Division  MajGeneral Kornilov
          Brigade  Col Anensur  2 Line Battalions
          Brigade  Col Tern    2 Line Battalions
          Brigade  Col Tichanowski I  2 Jager Battalions

10th Corps  LtGeneral  Kapzovich
     8th Division  MajGeneral Count Ourousov
          Brigade Col Schenschin  3 Line Battalions
          Brigade  Col Rehren  2 Line Battalions, 2 Jager Battalions
     22nd Division  MajGeneral Tourchaninov
          Brigade Maj General Schkapski  5 Line Battalions
          Brigade  Col Dournov  2 Jager Battalions
Corps Artillery:  4 Heavy batteries (1 with only 8 guns), 3 Medium Batteries,
          1 Horse battery (8 guns), 1 Chasseur regiment (8 figures)

This last smells like a grand battery with a cavalry guard to me. 

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