Thursday, June 5, 2014

Whine ... Whine... A little Cheese with that Whine

Now begins the long whined about Coalition Order of Battle

We begin with the Army of Bohemia

HQ  General Prinz Schwarzenberg
1 regiment Russian Dragoons (8 figures)
9 Putz Russian Cossacks  (all 8 figures)

Russians   Commander   General of Cavalry Barclay de Tolley
Wing  general of Cavalry Wittgenstein
I Corps  Lt General Prince Gorchakov           All battalions in this corps are 8 figures
     5th Division  MGeneral Mezentzov
          Brigade  1 Batt Guard, 2 Batt Line
          Brigade   1 batt Jager, 2 Batt Line
          Brigade    1 Batt Jager, 2 Batt Line
     14th Division  MGeneral Helfreich
          Brigade  1 batt Jager,  1 Batt Line
          Brigade   1 Batt Jager,  1 Batt Line
Corp Artillery:  1 Heavy, 2 Medium Batteries

II Corps  Prince Eugene of Wurttemberg       All battalions in this corps are 8 figures
     3rd Division  M General Schachafskoy
          Brigade   3 Batt Line
          Brigade   2 batt Line
          Brigade   2 batt Jager
     4th Division   MGeneral  Puschnitzki
          Brigade  Reibnitz   2 Batt Line, 1 Batt Jager
          Brigade Feodoroff  2 Batt Line, 1 Batt Jager
Corps Artillery:  2 Heavy, 1 Medium, 2 Horse Batteries

Reserve   Grand Duke Constantine
III Grenadier Corps   Lt General Raevsky      All battalions in this corps are 12 figures
     1st Grenadier Division  MGeneral Pissarev
          Brigade  MGeneral Kniasnin   3 Batt Grenadiers
          Brigade   Col Ocht   2 Batt Grenadier
          Brigade  Col Yemelianov  3 Batt Grenadier
     2nd Grenadier Division  MGeneral  Tchoglokov
          Brigade  MGeneral Levin  3 Batt Grenadier
          Brigade  Col Damas  2 Batt Grenadier
          Brigade     ????          2 Batt Grenadier
Corps Artillery:   2 Medium, 1 Light Battery

5th Guard Corps  LtGeneral Yermolov    All battalions in this corps are 12 figures
     1st Guard Division   MGeneral Baron Rosen
          Brigade   MGeneral Potemkin  4 batt Guard
          Brigade   MGeneral Bistrom  2 batt Guard, 1 Batt Guard Jager
     2nd Guard Division  MGeneral Udom
          Brigade   MGeneral Kryschanovski  2 Batt Guard Grenadier, 1 Batt Guard
          Brigade   MGeneral Scheltuchin II   2 Batt Guard Grenadier, 1 Batt Guard
Corps Artillery:  1 Guard Medium, 2 Guard Light Batteries

Attached   Prussian Guard Infantry Brigade  Lt General von Alvensleben
          4 Batt Gards Grenadier      All battalions in this corps are 12 figures
          2 Batt Guard Fusilier
          2 Batt Guard Jager
Artillery:  1 guard Medium battery

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