Monday, June 9, 2014

"You don't have to be Polish" to be in the Polish Reserve Army

Polish Reserve Army  General of Cavalry Bennigsen

Polish Reserve Army  General of Cavalry Bennigsen
               All Battalions 12 figures, all regiments 16 figures unless otherwise noted.  These are 'Grade
                 A', potato fed, prime Russians straight off the farm. 

     Advance Guard  LtGeneral Stroganov (you just can not make this stuff up!)

          Brigade  MajGeneral Glebow 
             5 Jager Battalions, 1 Medium Battery

          Cavalry Brigade    ????
             1 Hussar regiment, 1 Uhlan regiment, 5 Cossack Putz (8 figures each)

          Brigade  MajGeneral Tenishev
             2 Battalions of Opolchenie (Russian militia for the uninitiated)

Main Body  General of Infantry (the one, the Only) Docturov

     12th Division  MajGeneral Chovansky

          Brigade  MajGeneral Sanders (too bad that's not Colonel)
             5 Line Battalions

          Brigade  MajGeneral Scheltuchin
             4 Line Battalions

     26th Division  MajGeneral Paskievich

          Brigade  MajGeneral Savonia
             5 Line Battalions

          Brigade Col Schemtschoschnikoff  (Somebody get me a cider, that is a mouthful!)
             4 Line Battalions

          Brigade    ????  
             5 Jager Battalions

          Artillery:  1 Heavy Battery, 1 Medium Battery

     13th Division  MajGeneral Lindorfs

          Brigade  MajGeneral Rossy
             5 Line Battalions

          Brigade  MajGeneral Ivanov
             6 Line Battalions

     Cavalry Division  LtGeneral Tschaplitz

          Brigade  MajGeneral Repinsky
             1 Dragoon Regiment, 2 Converged Chasseur regiments (12 figs each)

          Brigade  MajGeneral Krevitz
             3 Uhlan regiments (2 @ 12 figs, 1 @ 8 figs)

          Artillery:  1 Medium Horse Battery

Cavalry Brigade MajGeneral Knorring
             1 Uhlan regiment (8 figs), 1 Cossack Putz (8 figs)

Reserve Artillery:  1 Heavy Battery, 3 Medium Batteries, 1 Horse Battery

StreifKorps  Oberst Mensdorf-Pouilly
          1 Austrian Hussar regiment (8 figs),  2 Cossack Putz, 1 Prussian Guard Jager Battalion,
             1 Prussian Landwehr Cavalry regiment. 
                  If we make one of the cossacks Russian and the other Swedish it is a true "Union Korps". 

Rauch Streifkorps  (in Halle)
          4 Landwehr battalions

'reorganizing in Silesia'  (Not sure why this is in the Orbat, but 'Yut duh Hay'!) 
          4 Landwehr battalions

This Completes the Coalition portion of Orbats Thanks for flying HouseMartin Air

And that is all folks! 

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