Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Last of the Russians in Silesia

8th Corps LtGeneral St. Priest
                    All Battalions are 8 figures except as noted, all cavalry regiments are 8 figures. 

     11th Division  MajGeneral Prince Gourlianov
          Brigade  Col Turgenev  3 Line Battalions
          Brigade MajGeneral Karpenko   2 Line Battalions (12 figures each)
          Brigade  MajGeneral  Bistrom II   3 Jager Battalions
     17th Division  MajGenral Pillar
          Brigade  Col Kern  3 Line Battalions
          Brigade Col Tscherioff I   3 Line Battalions
          Brigade  Major Charitov   3 Jager Battalions
     Corps Cavalry   ????
          Brigade MajGeneral Borozdin II   2 Dragoons
          Brigade MajGeneral Emanuel     2 Dragoons
          Brigade MajGeneral Kaiserov    2 Cossacks
Corps Artillery:  1 Heavy Battery, 1 Medium Battery

And that brings the army of Silesia to a close.  Next up, the army of the North. 

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