Sunday, June 8, 2014

Prince Charles John of Sweden ... aka the return of Bernadotte

Here we begin the Army of the North  Bernadotte, crown prince of Sweden

Prussian III Corps LtGeneral Bulow
                    All Battalions 12 figures, all cavalry regiments 8 figures. 

     3rd Brigade  MajGeneral Hessen-Homberg (no help on which one this is)
          1 Grenadier Battalion, 1 Line Battalion, 1 Jager Battalion, 3 Reserve Battalions,
           4 Landwehr Battalions, 1 Hussar regiment (Death's Head), 1 Medium Battery

     5th Brigade  Oberst von Schoon 
          1 Grenadier Battalion, 2 Line Battalions, 3 Reserve Battalions, 4 Landwehr Battalions,

     Cavalry Brigade  Oberst von Hobe
          1 Hussar Regiment, 1 Uhlan Regiment, 1 Medium Battery

     6th Brigade  MajGeneral Krafft
          2 Line battalions, 3 Reserve Battalions, 4 Landwehr Battalions, 1 Jager Battalion,
            1 Landwehr Cavalry regiment, 1 Medium Battery

Reserve Cavalry  MajGeneral Oppen

     1st Brigade Oberst Treskow
          3 Regiments of Dragoons

     2nd Brigade  Oberst Sydow
          2 Landwehr Cavalry Regiments

     Artillery:  2 Horse batteries

Artillery Reserve:  2 Heavy Batteries, 1 Medium Battery, 1 Medium Horse battery
                               Attached:  2 Russian Heavy batteries, 1 Russian Cossack Putz

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