The Lace Wars Project

Below you will find all of the posts that relate to my Lace Wars project, they are grouped by subject and are (roughly) in chronological order.

The Foot

Assembling the figures
First steps among the Foot
A second unit joins the ranks
British  Line troops begun and completed
Spanish Regulars
Spanish Morenos
Spanish 3rd Tercio
Grenadiers (at last)
Danish Garden til Fonds begun, and in progress, and completed
A few more British, Fusileers this time

The Horse

Regiment zu Pferd Margraff Philipp von Brandenburg; started, in progress, and completed
Austrian Cuirassiers
French Royal Carabiniers 
Sir Edward Villiers Regiment of Horse  
Danish Lifgardens til Hest 
St Petersburg Dragoons 
The Hautepol Dragoons 

The Guns 

The beginnings of the artillery, some generic Spanish/French guns and gunners
Some more guns completed  
Fortress cannon and crew
Scratchbuilding gun carraiges

Games & Rules

The Rules
The battle of Santa Margarita
Spiking the Guns! 
Raid the Convoy! 
A Minor Action
To The Rescue
Pro or Con convention game 
First test of battle for Fort Matanzas 
Besieging the Starfort Part I 
Besieging the Starfort  Part II

Book Reviews
Swedish Army of the Great Northern War  from Helion 
The Army of James II  from Helion 
Peter The Great Humbled (his disastrous Turkish War 1711) from Helion 
Marlborough's Other Army (the Spanish campaign in the WSS) from Helion 
The Cretan War 1645-1671
William III Italian Ally, Piedmont and the War of the League of Agsburg
Wars and Soldiers in the Early Reign of Louis XIVVol. 1 The Army of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, 1660-1687
The Battle of Killiecrankie 
The Saxon Mars and his Force


      Fort Matanzas
              Laying out the grounds
              Adding details
              Finishing the surface
             Information source
             The finished model

    The Star Fort
             A Test
             Working toward bastions 
             Further efforts with bastions
             Ramparts etc
             Towers and Gateways
             Covering the surface
            Thicker walls and details 
             Further details and stairs 
            Window and Door jambs
            Doors, Hinges and Handles 
            Bars on the windows
         The Ravelin 
          Gates and Drawbridges
           Finished and Assembled
          Cannons and other details
          Frames for the baseboards

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