Wednesday, October 3, 2018

A return to 28mm Lace Wars; French Royal Carabiniers

     Just in case everyone had thought that I had given up blogging and painting let me correct that misconception; I have NEARLY given up blogging and painting because I have been busy with all sorts of annoying "grown-up" stuff. Happily that is mostly behind me now and I can get back to playing with toy soldiers. First order of business was to complete the forces that I will need for the game that I am hosting at Pro or Con 2018 (nothing like a convention deadline to get the paintbrush back in action). I haven't finished them yet but I have just finished the French Royal Carabiniers .

armed with rifled muskets these elite "dragoons" 
were given to Louis XIV's favorite son, the Duc du Maine

I picked them because the blue jacket/red cuffs could dub into nearly every army

and they looked snazzy too

now I just need to round up a standard and they are ready to go

     These are built from the old Wargames Factory Lace wars Cavalry (now marketed by Warlord Games as part of their Blackpowder range). These kits are great because they provide nearly every conceivable option of headgear and armaments.


  1. Kevin (who has signed up for said game already), already knows which side he is playing on and requests the honor of commanding this lovely unit. For the glory of France!


  2. Not going to make it. That upcoming Monday is my knee replacement. Than I will be grounded for 6 to 8 weeks....