Saturday, January 29, 2022

Convention Update, the Return of Flintcon!

       Rod Cain  just emailed me to report that, after a Covid-induced hiatus, Flintcon returns this coming February 5th, 2022! Along with a host of historical games there will be the usual Pathfinder and Starfinder tournaments. Excellent food and drink are available on site and there are several good restaurants nearby.

       Check out the Flintcon Facebook page or take a look at and you can always reach Rod at


        I will be running a game of naval combat set in the Thirty Years War
 using 1/350 scale ships and modified Ship of the Line rules

Monday, January 24, 2022

Spartacon Resurgent

        Spartacon dodged the weather bullet this year (much to my relief) and saw about  seventy-five gamers gather to breathe life in to the convention scene once more. With about a dozen games in the first two sessions there was plenty of games to participate in, I confess to skipping the third session as I had to drive home that evening. It was reassuring to see gamers gathering together and sharing a good time, the "new normal" notwithstanding.

with the Russians and the Japanese slugging it out over Nomonhan
this was a frantic battle between the nimble Japanese fighters and the rugged Russian aircraft
 and saw the superior skill of the Japanese give them a slight edge

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Gaming Update Two Games; 15JAN22 and 16JAN22

              Gaming will be happening this Saturday 15JAN22 at 7pm at my place with The Housemartin's Spanish taking on my Prussians using Black Powder rules. This should inspire the rest of the guys that are painting armies to move ahead with their work!

              Tom from Texas will be running a Cold War game at Bastion Gaming Center with Allied troops squaring off against Warsaw Pact troops using Team Yankee rules. This is slated to start at 1pm and is open to all. Check their Facebook page for further info.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Packing Up for the Haul to Spartacon

        I am pretty sure that I am ready for Spartacon 2022. I have gotten all of my aircraft completed, printed out additional aircraft data books so that I can accommodate up to eight players and built six brand-new adjustable flight stands (bringing my current total up sixteen) so as to allow for a full bomber formation to be on the table. All that is left is to pray for nice weather so that the 90 mile trip doesn't turn into a multi-hour nightmare. 

       The problem with being ready early is that I am constantly tempted to add things to the game (some trees would be nice, just for decoration......) that just increase the amount of stuff I have to transport and keep track of! I'm sure that I will forget something, I just hope it isn't something important.

the opposing air fleets