Monday, January 24, 2022

Spartacon Resurgent

        Spartacon dodged the weather bullet this year (much to my relief) and saw about  seventy-five gamers gather to breathe life in to the convention scene once more. With about a dozen games in the first two sessions there was plenty of games to participate in, I confess to skipping the third session as I had to drive home that evening. It was reassuring to see gamers gathering together and sharing a good time, the "new normal" notwithstanding.

with the Russians and the Japanese slugging it out over Nomonhan
this was a frantic battle between the nimble Japanese fighters and the rugged Russian aircraft
 and saw the superior skill of the Japanese give them a slight edge

Rod Cain ran a Battle of Marathon which had these two delightful triremes as an objective

the miniatures and layout were up to his usual superb standards

the Triumph! rules provide a fast game and a realistic outcome

on another table we found the Japanese and US fleets slugging it out
 at Empress Augusta Bay, this game was presented by Lawrence Smith

Joe Barrette presented the Battle of Culloden using Black Powder rules and
quite an attractive display of the 2.5D paper soldiers from the Peter Dennis offerings

en masse they are quite convincing, up close they take me back to my childhood

15mm Napoleonic combat, I didn't catch which game this was but
 the players were intensely involved and seemed to be rather enjoying themselves

Micheal Wedding presented Little Round Top and Devil's Den using  Johnny Reb III

once again I was running a game at the same time that this simply lovely Western Desert game was being hosted, I think that one of these years I will skip running a game just to have a chance to take part in this, the miniatures are very well painted and the game is very very well presented


Chris Maes presented a Tolkien-based scenario 
using Dragon Rampant rules and some very nice 1/72 scale miniatures

      Apologies to all the presenters that I missed. There were a good many games that I barely had a chance to glance at and I am sure that I missed a few entirely. I'm looking forward to next year and an even bigger show!


  1. Very cool pics. I love a convention Recap. I still need to try out Triumph!

    1. It looks like there will be two games at Flintcon first weekend in January.

  2. Thanks for posting a great AAR. Could get off my butt to travel that weekend. Looks like the con was a great time.

    1. I will be heading to Flintcon 5FEB22 if you want to ride with me (but it might be closer from your place to just head right there!)

  3. Nice report of Spartacon. Excellent pictures as well. See you at Pro or Battlefields on March 12th in Livonia.

  4. Missed this one AND FlintCon. Not my year so far...