Saturday, January 6, 2018

Gates and Drawbridges

   The ravelin simply looked too plain, I had to add detail (even if means losing sleep to be ready in time for Spartacon). I dug out my photo-survey of the real Castillo and noticed that the gateway/drawbridge of the Castillo are done in a fancy style. I decided to up my game and add some nifty details to really engage the eye.

this all started because I get bored watching paint dry 
that is just a primer coat, the Castillo will not be baby-puke brown!

the ravelin has a formal gateway, so I cut up some blue board and gave it a try

I felt things were going well at this point.....

....then I figured "what the heck, give it a go"

and this happened, the actual town gates look like this but are much larger

quilting pins provided the little ball at the top 
and the pin makes sure everything stays together

by this point I was fully committed

due to an engineering error during construction the drawbridge wouldn't stay up,
so I had to add the lifting ropes

then I built a ramp to the ravelin access, 
I just had to add a couple more of those cool towers 

the drawbridge works (of course) 

the source of my inspiration, the actual gates to the ravelin are pretty fancy too!


  1. Wow, what a great and clever job, many inspired details!

  2. Your projects continues to amaze me. I can't wait to see the finished fort.

  3. Brilliant...simply brilliant!! Your eye for detail is mighty impressive.