Sunday, January 7, 2018

Paint At Last!!! (Updated)

   After an almost-all-nighter I have finished priming and detailing the Castillo. I got the sand set on the base=boards and am finally ready to start the job of drybrushing the white stucco that covered the real fortress. I did a few test-cases; comment, suggestions and ideas are all welcome.

the test group; the stairway, a wall section, the ramp up to the ravelin and two garitas

the window and door framed will be trimmed in pure white
 and the doors and shutters will be red with black iron hinges

drybrushing is all about getting the right touch; too little it looks cartoonish, 
too much and you may just have painted it a solid color

the rampart leaves me unhappy, perhaps I added too much texture

the blueboard and paper door and windows have held up well 
despite a lot of rough treatment

the will be a paved walkway on the inside of the walls

 somewhere along the line I made forty of these gun platforms out of blueboard

not one for every gunport, but more than I currently have cannons for

white with red trim is visually stunning

I had forgotten how many doors and windows this thing has

the test subjects, I think that this will do
the same with some pure white highlights

just enough difference to stand out

     Please provide comments, I only want to do this once so I will pay close attention to everyone's suggestions. I think that I will add the trim colors before starting on to the rest of the project. I like having a "finished unit" in front of me while I work so that the first and last section match.


  1. Your getting there Buddy. Looking good.

  2. Can’t really give any suggestions, this is already bigger and more detailed then any terrain piece I’ve ever attempted! I can just offer encouragement and appreciation. 😀