Monday, January 8, 2018

One fourth of the Castillo completed!

    I have been pounding away at the Castillo model. Hours of intensive work have rewarded me with the completion of one fourth of the model; a wall, a bastion and assorted outworks. With these I have all of the complicated stuff done (and thus hope that things will move along a bit quicker). The whole doors and windows thing is a time-sink but there is no going back now. With that out of the way behold the noble fortress! (or a quarter of it anyways)

the moat will be painted a different color from the rest of the ground-work 
as a reminder to players that it is there and poses an obstacle

someone pointed out that my garitas are too tall, they were right and the garitas will
 be sawn down to a proper height after the convention (I simply haven't time to do that just now)

only 25% of the fortress, but 60% of my guns, this problem needs to be addressed! 


  1. This is extraordinarily brilliant! I love looking at the work of people who are so talented and can do scratch building like this.

  2. Just effing amazing! I am so jealous. I have also been taking notes.
    Cheers, peter

  3. It looks really great when assembled! The whole thing is going to be even more so. Thanks for posting!

  4. Dude that is impressive work there. Well done sir!


  5. How did you make the small round watchtower in the corner? Curious as to your construction method -- and the overall model looks fantastic.

  6. I used a pill bottle and some random bits from Hobby Lobby....check under Adventures in Blueboard in the header and scroll down to the bottom of the page there is a post covering the construction

  7. Terrific! You must be very proud.

  8. That is one large model... Glad to see it finished.