Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Just When I Thought It Was Safe To Go To The Convention..

     I was haunted by a dark thought as I finished the last post; it all seemed to easy, things were going too well. I dismissed it as paranoia. How wrong I was!  Somewhere along the line, as I was applying additional groundwork to the bases it seems as if I overdid it. Yesterday I awoke to find the bases had warped like potato chips, the thin plywood allowing the moisture to penetrate too deeply and, as it dried, shrink and deform the bases. There was nothing for it but to run to the builder's supply and grab a bunch of lumber and build frames to attach the bases to. This, of course, meant that the model now sat well above the surface of the game table and thus necessitated sloping terrain to help blend the joint. So, instead of having time to fine tune the scenario I find myself rushing to finish terrain. I type this as paint dries....

the worst part is that the framing has doubled the weight 
strips of blue board fed to my faithful servant Proxie resulted 
in twelve feet of sloping terrain, at this point I was 
thinking that I should have built the glacis

I have seen articles where they paint the surface then glue sand onto it, I just paint the surface with household latex paint and sprinkle the sand directly onto the wet paint, it holds great and saves a step

railroad sand cost several dollars an ounce, 
I got forty pounds of playground sand at Lowe's for three bucks

flood the basecoat of paint on and apply the sand right away

there goes my morning


  1. That sucks Buddy... You may need a trailer to haul the Fortress to the con... Good Luck...

  2. There’s always something isn’t there? Sorry it warped but that is a good solution.

  3. Wow! Just Wow! Dude I would have broken down and cried, you on the other hand adapted and overcame. Well done sir!