Monday, January 22, 2018

A Note For The Housemartin

   As you are considering ways to spend your twenty bonus points this year in Nuelandia take a look at this gem (you have to check in the left-hand side bar and click on "Alexander Bondar, it the the bottom entry in his list of paper models) on the Landships II page. A lovely paper model that is also a free download; what could be better?

     Everybody else should take a look as well, this site is truly a labor of love by the people that put it together, and a fountain of information on the early days of armored warfare.


  1. That looks like my wife's 2CV..only up-armoured!

  2. That may well be the LAST thing I need, 'trepanning' may actually be more desirable! There is no steam engine and it is made out of paper! I do not like paper models, they never seem to hold up well for me. Besides I have too many steam vehicles now since you got all cheap with the lucre, I have more than a dozen steam vehicles sitting around here collecting dust.

    That is exactly the sort of rubbish they used in the SCW though. If I was doing anything with that range I still would not use it because I have plenty of silly vehicles in resin. Besides, those sort of things were generally used in the cities and that is a sort of mess I never liked.