Thursday, January 11, 2018

So Close I Can Almost Taste It!

     I got the first few stages of groundwork done, all the base colors and the the first round of flocking are finished. I am almost finished with the model. This is the part of the project that brings into focus all of the little things that still need to be completed; cannons, game support items, pre-packing the minis, rules, dice, information cards....

..........but I couldn't resist putting it all together to see what it looks like.  So here it is in all its glory!

just for safety's sake I think that I will trim back the inside corner of the bastion bases

I really wish that there was a practical way to include some sort of glacid

a "confessions" posting is coming soon to cover the differences between 
this wargaming toy and a truly accurate model of the Castillo, please be understanding

the one lone guard on the rampart is our 28mm friend from earlier pictures

one day I hope the NPS will end its gentle neglect of the truly historic landmark 
and restore the Castillo to its former glory (preferably before I pass away)

     As usual, comments, criticism, support and ideas are all welcome.


  1. Stupendous. Wish I was on the right side of the pond to see it in the foam!

  2. That's pretty amazing. Where does one store something like that?

    1. I have the benefit of a large house and a very understanding spouse

  3. Just amazing work Anton! Looks fabulous.

  4. I think it’s an awesome piece of terrain! I’d love to hear it’s dimensions . I hope It’s destined to be the center piece of many tabletops!

  5. Stew, just over five feet on a side, about seven and a half corner to corner

    I plan on using it in two very large games at locals conventions , and later in an even larger mini-campaign. Plus portions will appear as eye candy in normal games at my place

    1. Thanks so much! It’s a game table unto itself!

      Looking forward to seeing it complete.

  6. Great work!
    Impressive and superb
    Thanks a lot.