Friday, January 19, 2018

Frantic Last Minute Stuff

     Having effectively lost two days I found myself scurrying to get things in order for Spartacon. I realized that I had not painted the blue board paves on the inside of the castle, nor had I double-checked the supply of buildings to represent Old Saint Augustine......and I still needed to round up dice, rulers and other game impedimentia. Then I noticed that the sloping ground I had started yesterday had not finished flocking itself.

but, before flocking, they needed to be drybrushed  an hilariously named (Cream in My Coffee,
 who names paint anyways?) tester pot from Lowe's provided a nice light beige color

up close you can see how effective the result is

while that was drying I decided to throw a wash over the blue board pavers
Burnt Umber has always been a favorite color of mine

about a 50/50 paint/water mix and I splashed it on liberally 

when it dried the result was surprising 

a quick drybrush to kill the last of the blue tone that showed through the wash

I used Americana "Burlap" for the drybrush, it is rare that I am this satisfied 
with a two-step terrain effect......perhaps simplicity IS the answer!

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  1. Enjoyable post. The pavement stones did come out nice.