Thursday, November 23, 2017

Katy, bar the window!

    Yes. it is a bad pun. If I was any good as a comedian I could hire people to build stuff for me, but things are such as they are. Having put hinges and handles on the doors it was now time to turn my attentions to window treatments, and I don't mean those gauzy shreds of fabric that interior designers like to hang around window frames. I mean the sort of thing that would keep an angry pirate safely outside your room; thick iron bars!

    I had originally intended to use plastic yarn mesh for this task (having used it for window grates on a boat I built a while back with happy results)  but was saddened to find that I have made the window frames too shallow by half to contain the thickness of the mesh. Not being in a mood to drive to the local arts and crafts store to get finer mesh I chose what turned out to be a harder path (small surprise there); I chose to cut individual pieces of florist's wire and insert therm into the window frames one bit at a time. This was simple enough at first but rapidly became tedious in extreme. Lessons are often learned the hard way, I guess.

believe it or not I carefully measured the spacing of the bars, 
with all the parallel lines involved  getting it exactly right is critical

an small cut helps ease the wire into place without deforming the window sill, 
make these on the lower sill as this will be the one seen by a person standing above the model

you can then gently push the wire down into the foam 
until the top edge is even with the upper sill

after checking to get them properly spaced 
a tiny drop of super glue locks them in place


  1. Nice detailing - it's that kind of attention to detail that elevates scenery.

  2. Steven is spot on. It's the little things!

  3. The next step is nail heads on the hinge straps......