Thursday, November 2, 2017

Things I Bought at Pro or Con

     One of the great things about our local gaming conventions is that John Vincent of Quality Miniatures usually shows up with a vast array of reasons for me to spend money. This latest convention was no different, and I walked away quite happy to have added to my collection of 28mm Mediterranean/Caribbean buildings. These were hand-crafted by John himself and are carefully constructed with lift-off roofs and evocative details. Check out his website, if you don't see what you want contact John, he may be able to build exactly what you are looking for (he is talented like that!).

a small mosque or temple

a small cantina or house, front

the same from the back

a fortified house or outpost

and the same from the back

     John is a great guy and is always willing to listen to what I am looking for, his prices are competitive with resin or laser-cut MDF, and his kits come to you fully assembled and painted!
You can do far worse than giving him a try.


  1. Superb buildings, they look great!

  2. They are, aern't they? The little touches like the stone-lined walkway and the weathering is what really makes John's stuff "pop", he has a very deft touch.