Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fun with cross-stitch plastic mats

I am not really sure that is what they are really called, but I found these plastic mats that are grids with tiny square opening. To my fevered wargamer/modeler's mind they looked like grating of some sort and so I bought a couple of sheets. They have laid around the workshop for some time now but I saw that many ships had gratings rather than solid lids to the opening into the hold, this made a connection in the dim recesses of my head and I dug them out when I got home from work today.

the plastic grid

 framed with some strips of blue board and laying on a sheet of it 
the grid makes a good grated hatchway

 every galleon needs fancy rear windows!

 the grid makes excellent window mullions

I am still looking at other uses, engine gratings on VSF tanks spring to mind right away but I am sure other things will become apparent over time.


  1. Anton
    In Canada these are fold as plastic canvas in craft stores like Michael's. I have often pondered modelling uses for these and love what you did with them.

  2. Hi Anton, they are used for cross-stitch I believe. They make great window grilles and portcullis' etc. on buildings.

  3. Another thing they are good for is ladders: cut a strip of squares and shorter or cut entirely off the nubs along the edges. There are different gauges of squares, so you can make ladders suitable for both 6mm and 15mm set-ups. I haven't tried it for 20 or 25mm, but I guess it would work if you were willing to cut off a whole lot of unwanted spans.

    Best regards,


    1. They had larger squares...I will have to go back and get a complete set of sheets