Wednesday, May 6, 2015

28mm Spanish Lace Wars fort Part IV Paint at Last!!!

Well I finally got all the surface work done a threw a coat of light tan house paint on the model, I then gave it a heavy dry-brushing with white. After that had dried I cut in the red trim, I resisted the urge to paint the door jambs and window frames red as well. I may do so in the future.....time will tell.

 a few Foundry Camerone French Foreign Legionnaires, 
lost in both time and space they are there mostly to show scale

 a different angle

 from the north-west corner

 the north-east

 all of the woodwork still needs to be undertaken, the wooden gun-platforms 
the stairway to the second story and the interior second floor, I need more balsa!

the basement as a store-room/dungeon

 all three layers spread out next to one another

the alternate "creepy cavern" basement

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