Saturday, May 9, 2015

And Sometimes Things Just Happen 2nd Edition 28mm pirate sloop

They say that idle hands are the Devil's workshop, I would have to say that idle hands in the workshop lead to altogether unexpected things. Yesterday, while quite literally watching some glue dry, I decided upon a little practice with my Proxxon foam cutter in preparation to the post I plan on doing on working with blue foam.

Well, one thing lead to another and the next thing I know this happened:

I was practicing curves (my worst skill) and the hull emerged 

the castles are cut smaller than the lower hull so that
the "planks" of blue board can run uninterrupted from bow to stern

the "planks" are about 1/4" thick but are still very flexible,
 I could never get balsa or bass wood to flex like this

a ruler for size,
 at 1/4" to the foot she is about seventy feet between perpendiculars

I really have to learn to curb my impulsive nature......I already have too many projects on the workbench!!!!


  1. No you don't, NOT AT ALL! All you have to do is make about six more with various differences and then the fort can have a couple of friendly assistants to oppose the armada of the Dread Pirate Roberts! Well that and paint the Spanish figures.

  2. Anton, that is genius, well done sir.