Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Madness Continues OR On the Flexibility of Blue Board

       Again I found myself watching the paint dry on a different project and my eye wandered over to the Accidental Galleon. It looked lonely and in need of some detail work to make it look snappy.
I dove into the project with my usual total lack of a plan and started slicing blue board thin enough that I could explore the inherent flexibility of the medium.

Here is the result;

she looks a lot better with some railings and such

the only parts that are not blue board are the dowel pegs in the railings

in thin sections the blue board is astoundingly flexible

even wide sections can be coaxed around some pretty tight curves

the parts around the bow curve both vertically and horizontally, 
the hardest part was getting everything in place before the hot-glue set

I am starting to get the hang of blue board as a medium. It does have some serious limitations and cannot completely replace wood, but ib many cases, it will be my first thought for solid object construction.

I could really get into this stuff!


  1. wow ! impressive ! excellent work !

    1. I was really caught off guard by the flexibility of the blue board, I wouldn't have even tried those curves balsa or bass wood. the stuff I was using was off-buts from another project so I figured "What the heck"