Friday, September 8, 2017

Not Dead Yet!!!!

    Despite my job's best efforts at working me to death I managed to get a day off. I took a little while to unwind  and worked on the Castillo project for a few hours. I had to make the walls deeper (another math error had left them too thin by almost 33%). Then I got to work filling gaps and added details. After this I am back to the card cladding of the surfaces then mounting the whole thing on sections of thin plywood.

the extent of my error is visible here,
 the blue at the back of each section is the depth that needed to be added

the smaller wall sections are nearly completed

the bastions are a lot more work, 
I have been adding the details as I go

at the end of the night I took a break from fussy little details
 and whipped up a stairway it isn't quite done but I made good progress

     The sheer physical size of this project still catches me off guard. At almost two feet long and eighteen inches wide the bastions are hefty items to handle and have a huge total surface area. Cladding these items in card continues and will take some time. I will be mounting each piece on thin plywood to ease handling and (hopefully) reduce damage during transport.


  1. How big is this going to be when complete? Just looking at the bastions alone is quite impressive a view. How will guns be mounted on the bastions? Are there going to be firing slits?
    Congratulations on an awe inspiring project.

    1. There will be gunports cut into the parapet, dozens of them, between them will be firing steps for the infantry. There will be wooden gun decks on top of the paved surface of the wall. It will be almost five feet along a side (it is a regular square) and seven feet across the corners

    2. Are you planning to add a room to house this? just kidding....What an awesome project! Kudos to you.

    3. It will appear (or portions thereof) mostly along an edge or at Convention games. I do have a friend with a ballroom that will accommodate a game this size.