Monday, May 12, 2014

Schwartzenberg, Prince of the Realm, it has a nice ring to it!

Everybody disses the Austrians for joining the party last, but when they arrived, they brought the whole Kitchen sink (and no, that is not a comment on their general). 

For the Austrians, all infantry Battalions are 18 figures, all cavalry Regiments are 16 figures unless otherwise noted, all artillery Batteries are 2 stands. 

Grenadiers  6 Battalions               I have all 6
Jagers  5 Battalions                       I have all 5
Grenzers  10 Battalions                 I have 6, so we would still need 4
Landwehr  4 Battalions                 I have all 4
Line Infantry  83 Battalions          I have 26 if I work some Grenadiers back into Battalions, 57 short
Pioneers    1 Battalion                   I can cover this with a Grenadier Battalion

Hussars 10 Regiments (one of these is only 12 figures)
Chevaulegere 6 Regiments  (one of these is 12 figures)
Dragoons   3 Regiments  (two of these are 12 figures)
Cuirass   7 Regiments  (five of these are 12 figures, two of these are 8 figures)

5 Light Foot Batteries                   I have all of these 
30 Medium Foot Batteries            I have 12 of these  Still need 18
12 Heavy Foot Batteries                I have 5 of these   Still need 7
2 Extra Heavy Foot Batteries         We need both of these
10 Medium Horse Batteries


  1. Will check and see what I have of these.

  2. Here is what I have finished.
    8 battery's of artillery
    3 battalion's of grenadiers that can be put back in the line unit
    7 battalion's of line
    1 lancer
    1 dragoon + 5 stands
    1 cuirass + 3 stands
    hussars 5 stands
    1 chevaulegre

    I have dragoons and curiass in the works. Will count them when their finished.