Friday, May 2, 2014

Leipzig Orbats #11 The French IX Corps & Independent Divisions

The French IX Corps Marechal Augereau

      51st Division  GdD Unknown
                            1st Brigade   GdB LaGarde
                                                 2 x battalions 25th Legere Regiment
                                                 1 battalion 32nd Legere Regiment

                            2nd Brigade   GdB Aymard
                                                   1 battalion 10th Legere Regiment
                                                   1 battalion 21st Legere Regiment
                                                   1 battalion 32nd Line Regiment
                                                   1 battalion 58th Line Regiment

                           Artillery         3 x medium French Foot Artillery batteries

     52nd Division   GdD  Semele
                              1st Brigade  GdB Bagneris
                                                  1 battalion 17th Legere Regiment
                                                  1 battalion 29th Legere Regiment
                                                  1  battalion 39th Line Regiment

                               2nd Brigade GdB Godard
                                                   1  battalion 121st Line Regiment
                                                   1  battalion 122nd Line Regiment
                                                   1  battalion 86th Line Regiment

                              Artillery       2 x medium French Foot Artillery batteries  

Independent Divisions

      Lefol's Division  GdD Lefol
                                           1st Erfurt Battalion
                                           2nd Erfurt Battalion
                                           1 battalion 54th Line Regiment
                                           1 Battalion de Marche
      27th (Polish) Division  GdD Dombrowski
                                           1st Brigade GdB Zoltowski
                                                               2 battalions 2nd Polish Line Regiment

                                           18th Light Cavalry Brigade GdB Krukoweicki
                                                               2nd polish Uhlan Regiment
                                                               4th Polish Chassuer a Cheval Regiment

                                           Artillery    1 medium French Foot Artillery battery
                                                             1 light Polish Horse Artillery battery

     Leipzig Garrison  GdD Margaron
                                   1st Brigade GdB Bertrand
                                                      2 x battalions 35th Legere
                                                      1  battalion 132nd Line Regiment
                                                      3 x 1st Provisional Infantry Regiment
                                                      1st Provisional Cavalry Regiment (8 x squadrons)
                                                      2nd Provisional Cavalry Regiment (8 x squadrons)

                                    Baden Brigade Generalleutnant von Hochberg
                                                        1 battalionBaden Lingg Jager
                                                        2 x battalions Baden Line Regiment
                                                        1 medium Baden Foot Artillery battery

                                   Artillery      1 light French Horse Artillery battery


  1. I have just finished a refight of Leipzig. In a few years I will attempt it again and your OOB will be a help to check against the one I used. What I really need is the number of men in each unit.

    1. The orbat that I am working from (and do keep in mind that I am compressing units to fit the fixed unit-size of our rules) is from the old Nafziger Collection, which is now public domain in the U.S. in many cases it is broken down to the Division/Brigade level strength, some units are at the officers/other ranks level of granularity. I will try to find where I got the list from and post it.