Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Leipzig Orbats #10 The French XI Corps

The French XI Corps Marechal MacDonald

     31st Division GdD Ledru
                           1st Brigade GdB Bourmont
                                              2 x battalions 5th Line Regiment
                                              2 x battalions 11th Line Regiment

                            2nd Brigade GdB Unk
                                               1 battalion 8th Westphalian Line Regiment
                                               1 battalion 4th Westphalian Light Regiment

                           3rd Brigade GdB MacDonald
                                               1 battalion Neapolitan Elite Regiment
                                               1 battalion Neapolitan Light Regiment

                           Artillery 1 French Medium Foot Artillery Battery
                                          2 x Westphalian Medium Foot Artillery Batteries

    35th Division GdD Gerard
                           1st Brigade GdB d'Henin
                                               1 battalion 6th Line Regiment
                                               1 battalion 112th Line Regiment

                           2nd Brigade GdB Zucchi
                                               2 x battalions 2nd Italian Legere Regiment
                                               2 x battalions 5th Italian Line Regiment

                          Artillery 1 Italian Medium Foot Artillery Battery
                                         1 Italian Light Horse Artillery Battery

     36th Division GdD Charpentier
                            1st Brigade GdB Charras
                                                2 x battalions 22nd Legere Regiment
                                                1 x battalion 10th Line Regiment

                            2nd Brigade GdB Meunier
                                                 2 x battalions 3rd Legere Regiment
                                                 2 x battalions 14th Legere Regiment

                             Artillery 2 x French Medium Foot Artillery Batteries

     39th Division GdD Marchand
                            1st Brigade General Stockhorn
                                                2 x battalions 1st Baden Line Regiment
                                                2 x battalions 3rd Baden Line Regiment

                             2nd Brigade General Prince Emile von Hesse
                                                 1 battalion Hesse-Darmstadt Guard Fusilier Regiment
                                                 1 battalion Hesse-Darmstadt Leibgarde Regiment
                                                 2 x battalions Hesse-Darmstadt Leib Infantry Regiment

                           Artillery 1 Baden Medium Foot Artillery Battery
                                          1 Hessian Medium Foot Artillery Battery

     28th Light Cavalry Brigade GdB Montbrun
                                                   4th Italian Chassuer a Cheval Regiment
                                                   Neapolitan Chassuer a Cheval Regiment

     Artillery Reserve     2 x French Heavy Foot Artillery Batteries
                                      1 x Neapolitan Medium Foot Artillery Battery

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  1. Does anyone have the Saxons? Infantry specifically is what I am referencing. I ask because I have a line on the figures painted and ready to go. If we have them already then they are unneeded, but if we do not, then I will get them and a key component could be knocked out (also then Brad or Loups' command would be secured secured).