Friday, April 11, 2014

So it looks like Leipzig!

I have been reassured that we have the resources for the event, so I think we will take a stab at Leipzig. What I need now is an inventory of everybody's troops, just to be certain. We will also have to figure out how to configure that tables (and where we will be getting said same tables).

I need somebody to get a good Orbat for all of the armies involved, the sources I have are too general. There used to be a guy named Nafziger that did them but he seems to have passed away and donated the collection to some public trust. I have not had the time to check where they went. IIRC they were very good, detailed down to the headcount od each battalion. Somebody step up[ and locate them.

Lots of villages were dotted about the battlefield so we will need plenty of buildings, I will make some basics but we will need something on the order of fifty or so  European 18th century buildings.

The sheer size of the table will exceed my tree collection as well, anybody got a bunch to add to the pile?

Players will be needed too, this is likely to happen the weekend directly following the 4th of July either a full-day (10 hours or so) or a two day with a more relaxed pace. We need people that are seriously interested in playing, congenial, non-argumentative and well-versed in Napoleonic warfare. We will not have time to be teaching the rules to people so they will have to make themselves available at certain dates prior for games where they will be familiarized with the rules. We will need about a dozen players, our regular group can fill eight of those slots so we need at least four more. I would prefer to stand back and act as a referee/photographer if we can find  more willing victims, er, players.

I have a TON of blue-board (thanks Joe) and will handle making the terrain.

Lets GO!


  1. Here are the links to Nafzinger.

    Nafzinger French

    Nafzinger Allies

  2. Link to the complete War:

    another source: Allied order of battle

    french order of battle

  3. John a question. will my heritage 15mm be midgets next to the other figures? I also have a very large pile of Battle honors (18mm) Austrian primed, Plus AB Poles the 18mm size finished. Currently painting my heritage troops French.

    Thank Gary

  4. Here is what I have that is possibly germaine to the topic.

    Austrians All are battalions of 18 figures (47 total battalions)
    Austrian Line 6
    Top Hats 6
    Tyrol? Jaegers 6
    Helmeted Line 13
    Hungarian Line 6
    Hungarian Grenadiers 3
    Grenadiers 5
    Jaegers 2
    Austrian Artillery stands (22 Batteries total)
    10 at four figures per stand
    24 at three figures per stand
    10 at 2 figures per stand
    Cavalry 12 stands of Uhlans 2 figures per stand

    2 regiments of Cuirass (8 figures)
    4 regiments of Dragoons (Italians 8 figures)
    2 regiments of Chaseurs (Italians 8 figures)
    7 Battalions of French Infantry (They need to be rebased from Napoleon’s Battles)
    5 Battalions of Nassau Line (12 figures)
    3 Battalions of Nassau Light (12 figures)

    4 Battalions Brunswick line (12 figures)
    2 Battalions Jaegers (12 figures)
    Brunswick Uhlans (6 figures)

    If we want to put them on the table I can field 38 stands of Turk Cav that can stand in for Cossacks

    If they are needed I also have some unpainted lead cavalry, most of it Russian
    two 16 figure units of Uhlans (R) {might be able to double as Austrians)
    two 16 figure units of Hussars (R) {very Russian}
    16 figures of Dragoons/Cuirass (R)
    two 16 figure units of Chasseurs (could be Prussian, but intended for Russian)
    one 16 figure unit of Hussars (older figures, can be Austrian or Russian)
    44 figures of Chevaux Legere (can be French, Confederation, or Russian)

    I have six battalions that can serve as Swedes if we need them. I also have some odd balls from a couple of periods that could double for some Prussians and French, about 3 battalions each.

  5. Just order a European village pack #2 and Farm complex from Paper Terrain,

    Also I have 6 Russian house from 4g. Plus a Church that needs to be assembled.

    As for my battalions 6 stand 32 figures. Austrians 8 stand 48 figures.

    What size battalion will be used for this battle??

  6. Check out this blog on the battle of Leipzig. Here is the link:

    Take a look the Blog has lots of pictures of terrain, troops and more

  7. John. Have hills, woods, trees, buildings etc. as you know for 15mm. No figures.


    John. You may find the above interesting (although not free) as well.