Saturday, April 26, 2014

Leipzig Orbtas #7 The French VI Corps

VI Corps Marechal Marmont

     20th Division  GdD Compans
                             1st Brigade GdB Pelleport
                                                 2 x battalions 32nd Legere Regiment
                                                 2 x battalions 1st Marine Infantry

                             2nd Brigade  GdB Joubert
                                                   2 x battalions 3rd Marine Infantry
                                                   2 x battalions 20th Provisional Regiment

                              Artillery       2 x medium Foot Artillery batteries

     21st Division GdD Lagrange
                            1st Brigade  GdB Jamin
                                                2 x battalions 37th Legere Regiment
                                                3 x battalions 4th Marine Infantry

                             2nd Brigade GdB
                                                  4 x battalions Marine Regiment

                             Artillery       2 x medium Foot Artillery batteries

   22nd Division   GdD  Friederichs
                             1st Brigade  GdB Coehorn
                                                 1 x battalions 23rd Legere Regiment
                                                 1 x battalion 11th Provisional Regiment
                                                 1 x battalion 13th Provisional Regiment
                                                  1 x battalion 15th Line Regiment

                             2nd Brigade GdB Choisy
                                                 2 x battalions 121st Line Regiment
                                                 2 x battalions 70th Line Regiment                         

                             25th Light Cavalry Brigade  Generalmajor Normann
                                            2nd Wurttemberger Chevauxlegere
                                            4th Wurttemberger Chevauxlegere

                             Artillery       2 x medium Foot Artillery batteries

     5th Light cavalry Division   GdD Lorge
                              12th Light cavalry Brigade Col Shea
                                      5th Chassuers a Cheval
                                      10th Chassuers a Cheval

                              13th Light Cavalry Brigade GdB Merlin
                                      22nd Chassuers a Cheval

     Reserve Artillery GdD Foucher
                                            2 x Heavy Foot Artillery Batteries
                                            2 x Light Horse Artillery Batteries
                                            1 x Medium Foot Artillery Battery


  1. Unless there was another Marshal I am unaware of shouldn't that be Marmont? After all he was Napoleon's life long dear friend (to this point). Didn't they attend Artillery school together?

    Et Tu Brute!
    Hi Loups and Brad!

    1. Right you are, I never claimed to be a typist, fixed it