Monday, May 22, 2023

Stones and Shingles

        No, I'm not talking about my health problems, I am referring to the progress on my latest building project. I had a long afternoon free and decided that I would devote some of it to finishing the stone-work on the bastle house and take a stab at using insulation foam instead of the more traditional cereal packet card to make the shingles. This was a mixed blessing; the foam doesn't dry as aggressively as cereal box card does and thus allows a bit more time for fine-tuning the look but it does have a very annoying static cling that saw my hands festooned with tiny shingles every time I reached to the pile for another one to affix to the model. I managed to get the "stonework" done before dinner and spend a fair portion of the evening getting the shingles sorted out. Overall I am rather satisfied with the results. You can view my progress below.

I won't bore my gentle readers with the business of cutting tons of tiny bricks for this job,
 needless to say my faithful Proxxie made this task MUCH easier

after dinner I returned to the workshop intending to finish the stonework on the top story but got distracted by the idea of using thinly-sliced insulation board as shingles
soon the work area was awash in tiny slivers of foam-board,
with a few pencil lines as a guide and a bottle of Titebond wood glue in hand 
I began the task of attaching the shingles to the roof
three hours later I had the entire thing finished
AC/DC's greatest hits and some Larceny bourbon helped move things along

I think that I will use card on the next project, 
it has been a long time since I built the Hexagonal Tower but it seems that card was easier
three stories tall this model will tower over the Laird's humble minions

once the top layer in blocked-in I will start adding windows and gun-loops 

       I can't wait to get started on the interior, I plan on doing each wall as a drop-in module that I build completely before I attach it to the interior of the building. I don't fancy my chances of successfully building the interior details in-situ with my bratwurst-sized fingers. These interiors will be in part dictated by the location of the windows and gunports so I will have to make final decisions on that matter before I proceed.