Monday, August 17, 2020

One Down and One to Go!

truth be told I don't know that salt spray and endless sunshine would have left the teak deck that dark, but I do like the color contrast with the blue camo so I am going to leave it looking that way

       One final session and I managed to get this one finished. I have to admit I really hate the crazy camouflage patterns that were in vogue at the time, a simple coat of gray and I would have been done a week ago!

the light AA guns still need to be added but I wanted to get some pictures
 of the "all scratchbuilt" model before I glued them into place

sailing with the light cruiser Dauntless 
with any luck I can have the other one done by next week


  1. The dazzle pattern on both looks great! You are a wizard with scratchbuilding.


  2. Those came out great. You are the man Anton. You should have been a tradesmen.

    Saw Greyhound the other day. What a brilliant movie. A must see.

  3. You are simply a wizard, it looks marvelous. The guns arrived, I hope to get over there tomorrow or Thursday at the latest to drop off the last of the guns.