Saturday, August 15, 2020

Swap-Meet Successes!

       Michigan Toy Soldier held their annual Summer Swap Meet this past Saturday. Thanks to my eagle-eye buddy Steve I was able to get my hands on a PZL P-7, a PZL 37 Los and a Lublin R-XIII thus filling out my Polish Air Force of WW2. You will likely be seeing builds of these kits in the near future. I also added to my pile of of what I call "Spats and Losers" which is made up of aircraft with spatted fixed undercarriages and Aircraft that were absolute losers (admittedly a highly subjective group). Currently the "Spats" category is way ahead, but I did find a Fairey Battle, certainly one of the biggest losers of WW2.


  1. That is a very interesting collection of models. Makes me regret having moved to 1/100 a little.

    1. The selection in 1/72 is unbeatable. Keeping the collection to a rational size is another matter. Many eons ago I was serious competitive modeller and was encumbered with a mass of fragile hyper-detailed models that did nothing after the contest was over. Now I'm encumbered with a vast collection of wargaming models that are the heart of the contest, but every once in a while I drift back into old bad habits. That is why I limit myself to arcane subjects. The gallant Polish Air Force has always been a favorite of mine, one of my uncles fought for the Poles in'39 and escaped to Merry Old England where he learned English in Glasgow. He loved to tell stories about the war but I was fifteen before I could make out a word he was saying.
      In retrospect I should have bought a 3-D printer and some stl files, that way I could print any plane I wanted, in any scale I needed! Hindsight.....