Thursday, August 13, 2020

Seeing Double, a pair of scratchbuilt 1/200 British A class destroyers

drawings were much easier to find (and of much better quality) than the Dauntless project

       Another chapter in The Housemartin's endless efforts to exploit my free time; this one is entitled "The Destroyers". He needed two British "A" class Destroyers to go with his light cruiser for the Operation  Ironclad campaign. Nothing fancy about the construction, just my usual foam-with-card-glued-over-it method. Fortunately (unlike the Dauntless project) there are plenty of drawings and photos of A class British destroyers so figuring out the details and placement was a simple task.

scaled-up template glued down on a slab of blueboard

and cut out, the cut was rather rough, I can't cut worth a darn using a template

then I sliced it lengthwise to get two hulls

this really made me notice how ragged the template cut was!

forecastles, I cut these freehand after tracing the outline onto some blue board

and there they are, glued in place

and sanded a bit to get a better match

the con, and the position for the forward superfiring gun

a quick layout check

then I completed the rest of the deckhouses

once I had the con roughed in I added the flying bridge and railings

once assembled onto the model the outer edges of the flying bridge will gain wire suppports

looking OK so far

 making the midships AA platform,
 an oval of card and a strip cut to a width of 1/4" glued to the edge

normal wood glue works just fine

and there we are

because I hate measuring so much I'm constantly 
checking the look against the drawings

the midships AA platforms really were crooked like that,
 don't ask me why, they just were

then I made two searchlight platforms, just like the AA platforms,
 except this time the oval isn't canted at 45 degrees

next came four funnels, these are just rolled paper

a bit of trimming to the funnels to ensure that they are suitably raked

the sketch drawing and the two models
I'm still needing to make searchlights and torpedo launchers

and what it is supposed to look like when I'm finished

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  1. They look beautiful. Shapeways makes the torpedo launchers and 4.7 inch guns, only in open backed turrets though, in case you feel like soughing and buy them. The offset aa platform is to give better 360 degree view of incoming attacks. They only have two 2 pounders up there. Shapeways also makes the 2 pounders in scale, but they are expensive. I am dropping off four of the 2 pounders and the 6 inch guns for the d classes tonight.