Saturday, August 22, 2020

It seems that nobody makes a 1/56th scale MK IV......UPDATED!

...........except me!

prototype in progress

       This is another case where a new figure causes me to fly off on a tangent into places unknown and unexpected. The Wargames Atlantic Great War German Infantry contains all of the troops that you would need for a neat little game of Tank hunting in the Trenches (except for a flamethrower and a T-Gewher, both easily scratchbuilt). I figured that it would be a breeze to knock together a three foot square of German trenches, paint a dozen or so figures and build a model MK IV kit and I would be off to the races. Except that nobody makes a model of the MK IV in the 1/48-1/56 scale range; WTF? Briefly I thought of trashing the idea but then it occurred to me that a MK IV was nothing but a collection of flat panels with no visible running gear.  Scratchbuilding would be a walk in the park. Getting decent drawings was easy but things took a big turn for the better when I looked at the LANDSHIPS website, they have a large selection of paper models in assorted scales free to download. So download I did, they have a model in 1/50 of a MK IV, so I resized it a touch to get to 1/56th and printed out the parts that I thought I needed.

in retrospect I just should have printed all of the paper kit,
 I kept having to go back and generate another page as I found I needed a template for a part

paper models have always defied me, 
I never seem able to get the precise 90-degree folds that are crucial to successful models 
but I can use the parts as a template and my buddy Proxxie can cut right angles all day long

then it is just a matter of gluing the card onto the blue board!

but then there are things like track links, easy to make but a bit tedious to install

it really only took about ten minutes per side

ready for trimming

while the glue was drying on the track links I knocked out the sponsons and the drivers cab

the sponsons were a bit of a trick but I managed it without to much muttering

double checking to be sure things look right

from both sides, this is when I realized that I should have just printed out the side of the
 paper model and stuck it onto the foam to ensure proper location of the sponsons

the I cut the opening for the cannons

a brand-new blade in the X-Acto is very important

then I (belatedly) began sticking the paper onto the hull sides

the paper strengthens the foam and also shows me where to locate
 the surface detail without a lot of tiresome measuring

the exhaust is a bit of plastic tubing for the muffler and some wire for the exhaust pipe

a little aluminum tube for the six-pounders and some wire for the M.G.s and it was painting tyime

I am unhappy with the surface detail,
 I printed the model on standard paper, I should have used heavy cardstock 
live and learn

if anyone is daft enough to try this for themselves my suggestion would be to print out the entire kit and carefully use the parts as templates, but glue them on before you start any assembly

I am still of two minds regarding rivets.....

.....I do love some rivets.....

...but this little baby will need lots of them...

....lots and lots!


  1. Great stiuff so far! I scratch built some Leman Russ years ago - Landships helped me there too! I kinda wish I'd seen your efforts first to save me some pain ;)

  2. Trenchworx makes a very nice line of WW1 tanks - perhaps not as nice as your handcrafted lovelies but still pretty good.

  3. A wondrous effort! (Hate to say now but Brigade Games has Mk IV Male and Female models.)


  4. Hey Buddy War lord does make a 1/56 scale one.

  5. Trenchworx makes the Mk IV and the Mk V

  6. Yet, when you google "1/56th scale MK IV" you get nothing from them, not even way down the page.......anyways I will be done with this one in a day or so, long before anything would arrive in the post!