Saturday, August 15, 2020

1/200 A Class Destroyers making the final details

Carley floats, lots of 'em!

       I always struggle as I get close to finishing a big project. Forcing myself to get the final details done and the workbench cleared is tough. My enthusiasm wanes, the myriad of little thing all stack up one atop the other and it becomes a trudge, quite unlike the first rush of beginning something new. This, no doubt, explains why I have two unfinished projects for every one that has passed the finish line. Tonight, while waiting for the finish on my PZL P-11 kit to dry I knocked out the Carley floats and searchlights for the 1/200 scale destroyers. Nothing new here just more of the same stuff that I did with the 1/200 Dauntless light cruiser job. But I gain a sense of purpose with each little detail ticked off the list of "Things to Do!"

       I think that I have the proper locations for the guns worked out, all that is left is to decide if if I want to take another stab at making them trainable.....................


  1. Save yourself the hassle, moving guns is gust another part to eventually break.

    Take it easy and just bask in the accomplishment of bringing something back into existence after almost 70 years removed from history. Though the Brits built 20 of these, all but one were gone before 1950 and the last example was broken up in 1952. A remarkable 11 of the 20 were sunk in action during the war. Now there are 2 more of these gallant little vessels awaiting further action at sea.

    Congratulations on a job well done my friend. Well done indeed!

    1. So, what you are saying is that I should drop my efforts at functioning torpedo tubes?

  2. Your Carley floats are ace and your ship builds are all splendid!
    Best Iain