Friday, August 14, 2020

Making my own cannon; Scratchbuilding 4.7" guns for the destroyers

but of course it turns out that there aren't any suitable 4.7' mounts in 1/200 scale

       Much to my chagrin it seems that there aren't any suitable 1/200 scale 4.7" mounts with shields to fit the destroyers that I am building. I am almost happy for it; this way all of both models will be entirely scratchbuilt. A rather perverse way of looking at it, but I will have to live with that.

back to our original source we start scaling things up...

the outer sleeve of the gun is made of aluminum tubing,
 I chose to use aluminum as it is soft enough to cut easily with a craft knife

but you will have to open the mouth of the tube as the cutting process crimps the tube

next insert a bit of brass rod through the length of the aluminum tube 
so that about 3/32" sticks out, apply superglue to this

originally I intended to use 5/32" square Plastruct rod, but my local was out of stock
 thus I had to substitute balsa for the breachblock , this is glued to that tiny bit of brass rod

next I cut a bit of plastic tubing for the pedestal
 and notched one end to be the saddle for the gun tube

more superglue and it is ready for a shield

once I was happy with the prototype I entered mass production

the shield is simply a card fold-up like a gift box

I tried to make the guns rotate but that turned out to be rather fiddly
 so they will be glued in place once the painting is done

I think that they turned out rather well

now I find myself thinking about ammo lockers..... 
... and railings

but, after eight of these, I might just be able to control myself

besides I need to build the torpedo launchers, 
and about eighteen Carley floats, 
and six lifeboats, 
and some searchlights...


  1. Have you attached the guns yet? The A and Y mounts look too far back under the projecting deck above them. Other than that these scratch builds are really capturing the spirit of the destroyers and I’m looking forward to seeing them in commission.

    1. Nothing is glued down just yet, I will double check the gun placement before I do. Thanks for the heads-up on that.

  2. Looks like you hit another home run. What is the overall length of the ship?

  3. They look absolutely "M A R V E L O U S". I can not wait to see them burning from stem to stern! It is like a kid with a bb gun and a model, except the model can be "destroyed" over and over again without having to build the model over and over again.

  4. Those are looking very nice, the guns came out great.

  5. Pretty ingenious way of making guns. 😀