Sunday, January 1, 2017

Further Progress on the Gunboats

     I had a quiet morning to work on the boats and have added railings to the superstructures, fabricated gun barrels and, well, essentially covered the models in rivets. The smaller one has taken on a French appearance while the larger one has a distinctly Nordic flair. Like I said before, I really don't plan these things they just evolve as I work on them. I didn't go into detail on the construction techniques, for anyone interested in such things check the page listed at the top of the blog "Adventures in Blue Board and Foam Core" (or just follow that link) for step-by-step on previous projects.

I have had problems with earlier models losing their barrels due to rough handling,
I needed a sturdier way to attach the gun to the turret, voila! 
a roofing nail hot glued into place solves the issue handily

looking at that got me thinking all sorts of VSF things,
 I might end up making alternate turrets for my models

the gun barrels are nothing more than rolled paper tubes 
so a shot of hot glue into the open base and slide the barrel on over the nail

fabricating doors, nothing more than bits of birch plywood and strips of paper

mmmmmm, look at that lovely rivety goodness

sometimes I think that I get a little carried away with the rivets 
then I think. "Too many rivets? That would be like being too rich!"

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