Monday, January 16, 2017

Crossfire, the Great War

Being a big fan of the Crossfire ruleset and The Great Wat I was easily convinced by Joe to give combining them a try. We made it easier for infantry to recover from pins and suppression and decided that tanks would be considered to be moving weapon systems that would have to take bogging checks.  That done I broke out my 20mm Great War terrain and figures and we gave it a go.

the notoriously daunting landscape of the trenches

the rules played well, the tanks moved forward and the infantry,
a following in their wake, trudged toward the enemy

we soon found that, like history, the tanks were able to continue to advance 
while the infantry kept getting pinned down by fire

and, while a tank is a match for an unsupported machine gun.....

......a tank is a poor match for some well-equipped and highly motivate stosstruppen

the terrain and opposing fire began to take its toll on the advancing tanks

while the infantry kept falling further and further behind

with almost half the tanks either pinned or destroyed 
and most of the infantry lagging far behind 
we stopped the experiment to consider further rules amendments


  1. You can see the step-by-step of me building it if you check under the "Adventure in Blue Board and Foamcore" header at the top of the blog