Tuesday, January 24, 2017

SpartaCon Picture Trove: John's Dreadnought Game

        My able and energetic assistant, Justice&Rule, during the 28mm Pre Dreadnought game managed to take about three times as many photos as I did. He is half my age so that will be my excuse! They are offered here without commentary as I have already outlined the game in a different post and, frankly,  I really hate typing. J&R captured many angles that I did not so enjoy this cornucopia of photos.

Anton to J&R ; I just love this picture, it looks exactly like the period illustrations!


  1. Okay who won the melee? It looks pretty bloodly

    1. I believe the Prussians won a Pyrrhic victory: the troops on the ships would never reach the colonies, but the cost to the Prussian navy was probably greater than the Kaiser wanted.