Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Glimpse of Spartacon

          This year's Spartacon has come and gone. In the assembly hall of the Lansing Center we enjoyed the nicely carpeted floors and comfortable, well lit surroundings. I had the pleasure of playing in a re-fight of the battle of Kadesh in the early part of the day before running my 28mm Pre Dreadnought game in the afternoon session. Attendance was good with almost all of the player slots filled in both the morning and afternoon sessions.As I was playing in a game I didn't quite get the opportunity to get around and snap photos of all the games but here are a few that caught my eye.

Chris Maes and company presented the visually (and tactically) satisfying Battle of Kadesh  
using 20mm figures from Caesars

the detail and paint work of these figures was excellent

he had clearly lavished extra effort on the chariots!

nearby was a battle from the Crusades being fought out with the Triumph rules
I didn't get a chance to stop and ask about the rules, 
but the sight of a mass of ships-of-the-line arrayed for battle always catches my eye

15mm Napoleonic battle using the "Age of Eagles" rules
very nice indeed!

a MASSIVE Warhammer Ancients game of Rome vs Gauls

15mm early WW2 in the Western Desert, 
the terrain was lovely, the miniatures were astounding


  1. That look like quite a day out.... :-)

  2. Looks like it was a great con. Couldn't go because back is screwed up again. Can't stand for long periods.

  3. John -- do you have any more photos of the Western Desert table? I'm doing the same and am looking for ideas. Thanks. Chuck

    1. I have a bunch of pictures that I just posted on the blog. Hope there's enough to get what you need.