Sunday, January 8, 2017

New Vessels completed and they join their fleets

     I had the chance to complete the models and pulled out the complete fleets for a quick review. Now all I have to do is stat out the new models, balance the stats of the two fleets and put together a scenario. All in two weeks.

     Take a look at the new additions and enjoy the spectacle of the entire collection of boats on display on the gaming table.

crew figures lend a sense of scale, I still need many more to fully staff my fleets

I do love rivets

the flying bridge makes the French boat look very top-heavy

but her captain is quite satisfied with her

my gaming table with all of the models on it,
this is the Prussian end of things

the armored cruiser is quite large, 
the ships get smaller all the way down to the tiny two-gun Panther

the French ships, though fewer in number, are very powerful

they are festooned with cannon

the two vessels in the center are a couple of tramp steamers that I knocked together 

     You can see all of these ships in action at Spartacon on 21JAN17


  1. What a fleet! Splendid addition...

  2. these are just fabulous, and hilarious.
    Btw, if you emailed me about more Wargames Factory WSS, I did reply.

  3. Absolutely fantastic! What an amazing collection, showing off your intrepid combo of talent, effort, and inspiration!

    One question: are the pair of angular double-gun turrets accurate to the period? To my layman's eye they seem very modern, but I don't know much about naval vessels of the period. NOTE: even if that particular detail is not accurate, the angular turrets look GREAT, and I'd count myself lucky to get to command that ship!

  4. Mad Guru

    The turrets turned out too modern-looking to me as well, I have a pair of single-gun oval turrets with very long guns that I have started on (they give a very much more "French" look to the boat).

    The entire model was more of an accident than a planned effort, if you check under the heading Adventures in Blue Board and Foamcore you will see my build article "The Accidental Battleship".

    I really do need to plan better!

    1. Many thanks for the reply, Anton! As I said above, even if they're not historically accurate, they still look great! After you finish the replacement pair of turrets, I assume you will be able to just switch them in and out at will, since they must be able to traverse, so can't be "fixed" permanently in place. That way if you ever use that ship for a VSF naval game you could switch the angular turrets back in!

  5. Where did you get the 28mm sailors? I am thinking of starting some age of sail ships in that scale and have been looking for crew that are actually sailing and not fighting

    1. TVAG, Reverisco, and Perrys all do figures, some of them would be usable for sailing era. It will be a hunt for sailors that are just sailing