Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Spot of Paint

I had a little free time so I threw a basic coat of paint on the models. I decided that the bigger, squarer one looked more Prussian than the elegant smaller model which, by default, became French. I am still tempted by Old Sarge's prodding to add a flying bridge to the French model. I also need names for these two. Suggestions are welcomed.

the funny part is that the hulls are exactly the same size,
 they were split longitudinally from one prefabbed hull, 
yet the black one looks much larger

a lot more paint and detail before they are finished, but things are moving along

modelling the French fetish for rounded hulls was a pain to sand, 
worse to cover in card cladding, but the results are  very evocative of the French sensibilities


  1. Great work going on in the shipyard.

  2. I vote for 'Le Souris Aveugles' for the Frog Flotsam, and 'Der Bose Waschbar' for the 'Jerman' Jetsam. The "o" and the second "a" each get a dieresis (double dots), in case these are christened.

    1. Umlauts, Mike, umlauts.

      And given that they are near twins, Percival and Parsifal.

  3. 'Machine Gun', 'Mas Chingan', officially I stand corrected because neither instance was a double vowel which would have 'Trumped' the umlaut designation, and because the term is German, had it been ANY other language on the planet, including the Latin root, I would have been correct, but in this instance I was wrong.

    That admitted, you are also wrong in the notion of their twin status. They may have started from the same sized hulls, but their changes have multiplied from that start. First, in the author's 2nd sentence he specifically describes the Prussian vessel as "Bigger" and "Squarer" and the French vessel as "elegant" and "smaller". Second, the stack arrangement is completely different and implies a completely different internal schematic. Third, walking the decks of the Prussian vessel would be a fine and healthy experience, walking the deck of the Frog boat would be similar to playing Polish Roulette. Fourth, Anton has all but admitted that he is going to throw a flying bridge on the Frog which will further the visual differentiation. Notice I am leaving out the color scheme difference as too obvious to actually include in this numbered list of differences. They are as "twined" as Danny DeVito and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

  4. Your Ironclads are progressing very nicely...good work!