Monday, June 10, 2019

Chibi Brandenburger Tor

      My friends at Michigan Toy Soldier asked if I could make another panel to allow them to expand the Chibi What A Tanker game that they have been presenting at conventions. Having built a ruined town my thoughts turned to the fall of another ruined town; Berlin! My first thought was to model the Reichstag but the domed roof defied my ability to build a sturdy model (taking games to conventions has taught me just how damaging that experience can be). Staring at my third failed attempt at a dome I scratched my head and asked myself "What other structure just screams BERLIN!!?" The famous Brandenburg Gate of course! A few minutes digging in The Vault provided a set of wedding cake columns and few more minutes with my best buddy Proxxie provided the blue board body of the gate.

despite drastic reductions in size it is still a massive model

the frieze figures are just 15mm ancients pressed into the foam and coated with glue
the shields were donated by some of my 28mm medieval foot  

the Quadriga is a reworked Wargames Factory Celtic chariot model with some Ral Partha fantasy horses from the spares box, Boudicca will get some wings to help her pass for the Goddess of Victory

with some scatter rubble glued down and a first coat of green oxidation on the bronze statue

some spray paint to bring out the details

the quadriga with a couple lighter coats of green and some wings for Boudicca 

the Russians had a field-day of shooting at the original so I took out my Red Rider BB gun and blasted away at the model, it held up surprisingly well, maybe I should have used a 9mm

this is what it looked like after the Russians captured Berlin


  1. Many thanks for showing this! I've been trying to figure out how to properly set forth the necessary Berlin terrain for the German Civil War of 1918-1919, and this fits the bill exactly!

    Best regards,

    Chris Johnson

  2. Wait... you built an gorgeous model house and then shot a BB gun at it??!! That has to be the moment when genius crosses into madness. Only time will tell. Lol 😀
    Nice terrain build as always. It’s surprising how easy you make it look.

  3. Looks great, but . . . There are supposed to be SIX columns on each side, not four . . . which then makes five "doors" . . .